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Finding a job, whenever you need and wherever you are!

More than a quarter of world population is struggling to find a job. More than the half of the employed people don’t love their jobs. Finding the right job takes lots of time and energy. For some people, it takes a lifetime.

Use your Job Manager Mobile Application to apply for jobs whenever you have the right time. Increase your chances by 365% and be among the first to grab the golden opportunities that you get notified about through this application.

Get your app in less than 24h for less than $50!

Incredible, but true. No hidden fees. No catch. We believe in what we do.

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How to find the right job?

The Job Manager App offers:

  • Push Notifications; users are notified immediately when there is a new job
  • Offline Caching; clients can use the app even if the network fails
  • Social Sharing; users can spread the word
  • Geolocation; users can see the jobs on a map, compared to their own location(* requires special plugin)
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An app for the WordPress Job Manager

Mobile app usage has long passed desktop PCs. Any business without an app is losing clients. But you can stand out from the competition.

Built for Android and iOS. Provide the opportunities your clients deserve.

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What our clients say

lifeinsideuk - job manager app

This is a solution that definitely pays off. You get a quality app at a fraction of time and much faster than any company would develop from scratch. Great solution for Job Manager startups.

David Vilchez

This solution gave me the ability to run my Android and iOS app faster than expected. Comelite finalized and published my app in less than a week and helped save me time and money.
This process would have taken months and ten times more money to invest in but with Comelite’s expertise, I was able to publish my app in no time.
I only sent them my requirements and in return, they gave me the best solution and solved everything from A-Z, from the design to development to final publishing on Google Play and App Store.


Great support. You get very easy and fast your own app.

What is WP Job Manager?

WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding job-board functionality to your WordPress site. You can add, manage and categorize job listings using the familiar WordPress UI.

The WP Job Manager has an excellent record – over 90,000 downloads and 4.8 stars as of this writing. It is a flexible, highly-regarded WordPress plugin which allows every Job Manager to get setup their own website.

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